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Pen products manufacturing "quality revolution" heavy, urgent
A small pen, in the "second five" and "thirteen five" have aroused great attention of national leaders, in order to solve the pen raw materials and parts of the localization and pen basic materials technology upgrade, were listed Into the "second five" and "thirteen five" national key scientific and technological project plan, which is the national leaders of the pen to make a big country can make a good hope of making a pen, but also on the Chinese pen spur.

August 24, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting, the deployment of consumer products to promote standards and quality improvement, increase the "Made in China" effective supply to meet the needs of consumer upgrades.

Prime Minister vigorously boost: to promote "Made in China" to complete a "quality revolution." That is, close to the consumer demand, and the daily life of the people closely related to food, household appliances, consumer electronics, decoration, clothing apparel, cosmetics and daily chemicals, maternal and child care and disabled supplies, cultural and educational sports and leisure goods and other general consumer goods , To achieve quality improvement.

Throughout the Chinese pen more than a dozen characteristics of industrial base, the production of pen class product quality uneven, good and good coexistence. Pen industry "quality revolution" is an urgent, imminent.

The "quality revolution" of the pen industry should be started from the standard

To create a "good" pen, a high-quality pen, first of all to advanced standards to lead the "pen" to enhance the quality, but also down the pen equipment manufacturing upgrade, which is the implementation of "Made in China 2025" "Made in China" to the middle and high-end, consolidate the key to industrial development.

At present, China's pen industry pen products and national standards have dozens of industry standards, in recent years, are constantly being modified, perfect, but with the relevant international standards and consumer requirements, or a certain gap, especially from Product design, raw materials, process technology, manufacturing methods to the final product lack of system quality standards.

To create a "good" pen, a high-quality pen, the standard from the source to start, the pen as a writing tool, the manufacturer first considered the merits of writing performance and different people on the appearance of the preferences, often or Slightly when the product design to consider the selection of raw materials, process technology, manufacturing process to the product "life and death", the impact on consumers and the environment.

     According to the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry and the Green Manufacturing Project Implementation Guide (2016 - 2020)

On the establishment of a sound green standards. System revised energy consumption, water consumption, material consumption, pollution control, comprehensive utilization of resources and green manufacturing management system standards, improve the product from design, manufacture, use, recycling to remanufacturing full life cycle green Standards, the development of green factories, parks, supply chain standards.To build an open green standard to create a public platform to support industry associations and alliances to participate in the development of standards, and strengthen the international standard docking mutual recognition. Strengthen the standard implementation, the establishment of enterprise green manufacturing standard self Declaration of the system, to carry out the standard and the leader activities, to promote the implementation of the standard evaluation of the results. "The requirements of the pen industry organizations to develop" pen class writing tools green products, green design, green manufacturing technology and process evaluation norms " To the time ".

The executive meeting to determine, and give full play to the role of the market mechanism and the main business, the establishment of government-led standards and market independent standards for the development of coordinated and coordinated supporting the new standard system. We should give full play to the "National Pen Standardization Technical Committee" and "China Pen Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance" role, the organization of the preparation and revision of the relevant pen standards.

In order to improve the pen "quality" as a good first officer.

To achieve the quality of pen to improve, we must eliminate backward production capacity

To achieve the quality of the pen to enhance the standard and quality improvement and equipment upgrades closely together, with advanced standards and quality requirements, there is no advanced equipment to manufacture, its parts and products can not meet the standard quality requirements, Poor quality products will continue to appear in the market, where also involves the government's quality supervision and industry self-discipline issues.

To create a high-quality pen, the first is a high-quality parts, at present, the pen industry cluster to eliminate backward production capacity of the task is still very heavy, for example, some local processing metal nibs used in the machine or a few decades ago behind "Stand-alone", a written processing to go through more than "stand-alone" to complete, its poor precision, low efficiency. "Twelve Five" period, the pen industry to implement the national key scientific and technological projects, has successfully developed and manufactured the "24-station pen processing machine", in Wenzhou, Shanghai, Guangdong and other pen enterprises and pen tip manufacturing enterprises, Swiss imports of Mikron 24-station processing machine, Germany's Hart multi-station machine, in Wenzhou Pingyang Shangwei pen industry, in 2011 independently developed the first 16-station pen tip processing equipment, so far has 30 into the industry Application, Wenjing pen independent research and development of 12-station automatic pen processing machine, has been put into production.

Eliminate backward equipment to make full use of the government to eliminate backward production capacity of the preferential policies, and through the industry's own constraints to promote, this is a "pain" process, only eliminate backward equipment, pen "quality" to enhance the protection.

Pen "quality revolution" to take the "green manufacturing" road

Green manufacturing technology represents the future direction of manufacturing technology. The connotation of green manufacturing technology is to ensure the product function, quality, cost under the premise of taking into account the environmental impact, product quality, resource consumption, production efficiency, labor conditions and other factors of modern manufacturing model. Through the use of non-toxic, harmless raw materials and auxiliary materials, clean energy and efficient, energy saving, consumption of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment in the entire manufacturing process does not produce environmental pollution or environmental pollution minimization, in line with environmental protection requirements, Harmless to the ecological environment or very little harm, saving resources and energy, so that the highest utilization rate of resources, the lowest energy consumption, the labor environment is pleasant, a significant reduction in labor intensity. The green manufacturing technology level directly reflects the sustainable development ability of the manufacturing industry. The research and development of green manufacturing technology has become an important content of the world's industrialized countries to strengthen the manufacturing technology innovation. At the same time, the establishment of green trade barriers has become a new measure for some developed countries to gain competitive advantage.
    Pen industry to strengthen the green manufacturing technology publicity and promotion, vigorously spread the concept of green development, enhance the green development of conscious consciousness and action. Promote international exchanges and cooperation, and actively introduce advanced green manufacturing development concept, technology and green development experience, to carry out green manufacturing technology and equipment joint development and industrialization of the results, promote the Chinese pen industry sustainable and healthy development.